Jan 172020
What's Your Relationship with Busyness?

Greetings! Is your calendar packed from morning to night? Are you always moving and doing? Do you say YES more often than NO? Are you exhausted and spinning your wheels? You may be addicted to busyness. If you can relate (and even if you can’t 😉 ) you might want to listen to my thoughts […]

Nov 142019
What's Your Relationship to No?

Greetings! As human beings we are designed and driven to preserve our relationships. And, one of the ways we do that is by saying yes – often at the expence of our own time, choices, and sanity.  But here’s the thing; if you want to live a life of engagement, purpose and passion, you need […]

Nov 122019

Greetings! I see it all the time, clients who work really hard every day but make very little progress towards their goals. The frustration is palpable. They show up for their call, defeated, and absolutely at a loss for what to do differently to get the results they want.  The first thing we do is identify […]

Oct 232019

Greetings! I work with clients every week to help them maximize their time.  We talk about strategies and practices they can use to to get their work and obligations done easily and quickly.  And even then, they often come back and ask, how do I make it work, how do I preserve my time, how do I make sure other […]

Apr 192016

  Picture this. Your boss asks you to work late but you promised your son you’d be at his soccer game that evening.  You say yes to your boss and walk away with a pit in your stomach.   As you walk back to your office thoughts like ”why didn’t I just say no…what’s my son […]