Nov 122019

Greetings! I see it all the time, clients who work really hard every day but make very little progress towards their goals. The frustration is palpable. They show up for their call, defeated, and absolutely at a loss for what to do differently to get the results they want.  The first thing we do is identify […]

Oct 232019

Greetings! I work with clients every week to help them maximize their time.  We talk about strategies and practices they can use to to get their work and obligations done easily and quickly.  And even then, they often come back and ask, how do I make it work, how do I preserve my time, how do I make sure other […]

Apr 192016

  Picture this. Your boss asks you to work late but you promised your son you’d be at his soccer game that evening.  You say yes to your boss and walk away with a pit in your stomach.   As you walk back to your office thoughts like ”why didn’t I just say no…what’s my son […]

Apr 162016

  Are you living your passion or just going thru the motions? Going through the motions looks like being frantically busy but feeling like you’re not accomplishing much.  It looks like struggle, anxiety, overwhelm, indecision, static, limited, heaviness.  Picture paddling up stream with only one paddle.  It looks like following other people’s rules, ignoring your […]

Apr 152016

  We all mess up. It’s part and parcel of being a human being. You miss a deadline; You flub a speech; You hurt feelings; You fail a test; You forget important dates or events; You blow an important job interview; You send a nasty email out of anger; It happens. How you handle mistakes […]