Jul 092021

Greetings, Fifteen months ago life as we knew it changed dramatically, and we were forced to pivot to new ways of living and working that no one could have predicted or imagined.  We are not the same people we were. We’ve grown, changed, shifted, and learned. It turns out things are changing again. Life as […]

Jan 292021
What are the Possibilities for 2021?

Happy New Year! I know I’m a little late to the party, but this is my first video of 2021!  I’m feeling hopeful and excited about the possibilities for 2021. How about you? In this week’s video I encourage you to dream big for 2021 and explore all the possibilities awaiting you this year. Enjoy! […]

Dec 162020

Greetings! In this week’s video I’m talking about tolerations – those tasks, people, ideas, actions or behaviors that you’re putting up with, and that are draining you of precious energy and joy. You’ll also learn the steps you can take to eliminate tolerations and enter 2021 with fresh energy and possibility! Have a listen… Here […]

Nov 052020
There's no shame in self-care

Greetings! I wanted to drop in to remind you of the truly significant importance of self-care. Particularly at this time – but I would argue all the time. There is no shame in self-care. There is no shame in focusing on you. Only good came come of it. Listen in for more… Self-care doesn’t have […]