Creating Your To-don’t list

I’m going to guess you’ve got a million and one things you need to do – every single day. And, chances are you track those million and one things with a handy little to-do list. Maybe you’re juggling 4 to 5 lists at any time, just trying to keep track of everything.

And, although you may get a little jolt of satisfaction whenever you check something off your list – pick up dry cleaning, go to the grocery store, take Josh to soccer practice, buy birthday present, pack for vacation – it can also leave you feeling overwhelmed and like you’re not making progress on your most important goals and dreams.

I recently learned about a more powerful option. One that allows me the space and time to focus on the things most important to me.

It’s called a to-don’t list. And it’s a list that contains the various things I must NOT do because they get in the way of achieving my goals and creating the life I want to live.

Striving for perfection at the expense of good enough.


Giving myself too much time to complete a task (just another – sneakier – way of procrastinating).

Listening to the inner voices of fear and doubt.

Saying yes without pausing to consider the consequences.

Surfing the internet under the guise of “research.”

Mindlessly scrolling social media.

Focusing on the plethora of non-essential tasks that make me feel productive is really just a way to distract me from what I should be focusing on.

Checking email every 5 minutes.

Jumping in to solve everyone’s problems or put out fires I didn’t start in the first place.

When I honor my to-don’t list, I find I create more flow and focus and achieve way more in way less time. (Aaahaah!!! Picture the heavens opening up here).

Over to you. What activities stop you in your tracks, derail your progress, or generally make it harder to live and work the way you most want?

What would you put on your to-don’t list?

I love hearing from you. So, drop me an email and let me know what made it on your list.

Enjoy your discoveries!


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