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You’ve spent your life showing up for others.  Now you’re ready to show up for yourself.


Welcome to Getting an Edge


I think I know you…  

  • You work really hard and still find making an impact frustratingly elusive
  • You sometimes end your days exhausted and asking, What did I actually get done today?
  • You’ve read the books, taken the workshops, worked with the coach – and yet still feel a deep yearning for more, better, different
  • You’re tired of delaying your life just to get ahead, achieve success, or even support someone else’s goals
  • You show up for others, but rarely yourself


Now, imagine for just a moment…

  • Having a crystal clear vision for your life and work that excites and compels you
  • Saying goodbye to busy-ness and hello to focused intention
  • Making time and space for your goals, dreams and aspirations
  • Making an impact without sacraficing your life and relationships
  • Being part of a community of like-minded women, showing up for each other, cheering each other on, and gently holding each other accountable
  • Being propelled towards your goals more easily and gracefully through inspiration, resources, and accountability
  • Devoting an entire year (yes, I said it, an entire year!) to yourself



You no longer have to imagine it.  You can claim it with Getting an Edge



Here’s what you’ll get when you join Getting an Edge


Clarity       A deep knowing and understanding that you’re attending to and working towards what’s most important to you


Strategy   Practical strategies, delivered via a monthly webinar, to help guide your actions and choices throughout the month (and beyond)  


Community     The support (and hive-mind) of a community of fabulous, like-minded women dedicated to helping you reach your vision and goals


Results   Dedicated time and space to focus on you and what you want to achieve – personally and professionally


Framework    You’ll experience a tested framework that’s been specifically designed for this program to help you design and live your life your way



Getting an Edge is for you if

  • You’re ready to put attention on your dreams, your goals, your aspirations
  • You could use practical strategies to help you align what you want with how you’ll achieve it
  • You crave more time, space and energy for what’s important to you
  • You’re ready to move beyond fear and self-doubt and claim your life
  • You’re exhausted going it alone
  • You’re ready to do things differently, and committed to showing up yourself and all that you want.



Here’s what people are saying

“In the best possible way, Getting an Edge is NOT another productivity program. This program helps you identify what you want and move forward with what’s important!”
-Beverly Delidow
Associate Professor

“The Getting an Edge Program inspires me. It’s supporting and challenging. It’s also helpful, as many other members have experienced similar challenges and can help me overcome them!”
Entrepreneur and member of the Inc 500

“I’ve been a member of Getting an Edge for three years now, and I hope it never ends!”
-J.D., CEO
Fortune 50 high-tech Company

“Getting an Edge helps me get clarity and stay focused on my vision. You wouldn’t believe the results! I’m constantly amazed at what I’m achieving, and this group has been the most significant factor in getting there!”
-D.N., Senior Vice President-Investments
Financial Services Industry

“The Getting an Edge Program helped me achieve clarity about my vision and identify the goals and actions to get there. Through my monthly participation, I gain inspiration which enables me to maintain my momentum. The results are already showing up. I just exceeded by 100% the monthly income goal I set because the foundation for success is now in place!”
-Jan Day Gravel, President and Chief Learning Officer
Janus Development Group

“Erin is authentic and really listens to each participant and creates a space of inclusion for each person. Her programs are life changing!”
-Kelli Twomey

“Erin’s positive energy and authenticity creates a safe space for emotional support on our group calls.”
-Danielle Reese

“Erin has a gentle kick-in-the-ass style. She pulls you through whether you’re resisting or not. She has the ability to hone in on a participant’s “sticking point” and hold it up for them to deepen their learning and support them in implementing new strategies, so they can figure it out.”
-Beverly Delidow
Associate Professor


Here’s what’s included

  • 12 live training webinars (with coaching) facilitated by Erin Mecseji
  • 4 1-hour private coaching sessions
  • 4 virtual meet-ups.  Dedicated time for additional coaching, strategizing, learning and/or accountability
  • Recordings of all monthly calls and virtual meet-ups,
  • The book: The Inner Edge:  The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership,
  • The Inner Edge Leadership Assessment
  • A Welcome Packet of course materials, including helpful handouts, strategic best practices, and additional resources,
  • Inner Edge Insights Monthly Newsletter to supplement and extend your learning,
  • Feeling stuck?  Erin is only an email away and available for short-burst coaching calls – the perfect way to get you back on track.


Registration for Getting an Edge is closed.  Click HERE to be added to our waiting list.


If struggling to do things the same old way is costing way too much

If you want more for your work and life but aren’t sure where to start

If you’re ready to achieve results with ease and grace

And, if you’re ready to join a community of rock star women

Join us @ Getting an Edge


About Erin

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As a coach, Erin Mecseji works with passionate, creative, and heart-centered entrepreneurs, professionals and academics to achieve success with ease and grace.  Her mission is supporting women to move beyond the fear and self-doubt that often keeps them stuck, and embrace their brilliance to live the life of their dreams.