Hello, and, welcome to Getting an Edge. You’ve landed on this page on purpose and I’m so glad you’re here.  Let me guess… 


You are busy.  You’re working your butt off but making very little progress.  

You’ve got dreams and aspirations, but the daily grind pushes them further and further away.

You’re going it alone, and quite frankly, it’s exhausting and it’s lonely.

And, you wonder, every day, if you were meant for more?

 What if things could be different for you?

What if…

… you could make significant progress on your dreams, goals and aspirations?

… you had a community of support — people to encourage, push and cheer you toward your dreams?  

…you found inspiration, resources & accountability that made the daily grind a thing of the past?

It’s all right here.  Welcome to Getting an Edge.

Originally developed for Fortune 500 companies, the Getting an Edge Program is a proven process to help you achieve and maintain success without sacrificing your life.

Getting an Edge is for you if:

  • You’re ready to focus on YOU for a change;
  • You crave confidence in your choices and actions;
  • You’re tired of the daily battle of too much work and too little progress;
  • You’re ready to say goodbye to restless, sleepless nights;
  • The idea of sacrificing one part of your life for another is no longer tolerable;
  • Slogging through your days has become unendurable;
  • You want more for your life!

A story of two professional women with very different endings

Susan and Laura, both professionals working for mid-sized companies, have worked their way up the ladder. Both women face a variety of responsibilities and obligations — to their direct reports, themselves and their families. Laura, however, is getting ready to quit the job she has held for over 14 years. She’s at her wit’s end and doesn’t feel she has any other choice than to leave. She works exceptionally long hours, hasn’t had a good nights’ sleep in months, her temper is short, patience frayed, and her family hasn’t seen her in weeks; and when they do she’s spent – physically and emotionally. Things are falling apart.

Susan, on the other hand, loves her job, her employees and navigates her days with focus, confidence and the knowledge everything is on track, and her team has everything they need to succeed. Outside of work she’s active and involved.

What’s the difference between Susan and Laura?  Why is one of them thriving at work and life, while the other is ready to throw in the towel on a dedicated career?

The difference is Susan cracked the code.  Susan knows what she most wants for her career and her life, and makes sure that she focuses on her priorities every day.  Contrarily, Laura is working and living in the dark.  She’s unable to see 3 feet in front of her, let alone look to the future to discover what she really wants to create for herself.  As a result, she fumbles around from this to that to the other thing all day long, never really accomplishing anything of significance.

The difference is Getting an Edge.  For a long time, Susan felt very much like Laura – she was stressed, exhausted, burnt out, lonely.  Knowing that was no way to live and work, Susan joined the Getting an Edge Program to get her life back on track.  What she wanted was relief from the day to day stress and chaos.  What she created is a life of success without sacrifice.

Living and working in a constantly changing environment is exhausting.  And, it’s hard enough to manage all of your daily tasks, let alone give significant attention to your dreams, your goals, your most important relationships.

With Getting an Edge you’ll focus on YOU – the professional YOU and the personal YOU – because, let’s face it, they’re inextricably linked.


  • You want to achieve your goals more easily and quickly,
  • You want mastery of your time,
  • You want more confidence in achieving the great work you do,
  • You want your life back…

Then Getting an Edge is for you!

Here’s what participants are saying…

“In the best possible way, Getting an Edge is NOT another productivity program. This program helps you identify what you want and move forward with what’s important!”
-Beverly Delidow
Associate Professor

“The Getting an Edge Program inspires me. It’s supporting and challenging. It’s also helpful, as many other members have experienced similar challenges and can help me overcome them!”
Entrepreneur and member of the Inc 500

“I’ve been a member of Getting an Edge for three years now, and I hope it never ends!”
-J.D., CEO
Fortune 50 high-tech Company

“Getting an Edge helps me get clarity and stay focused on my vision. You wouldn’t believe the results! I’m constantly amazed at what I’m achieving, and this group has been the most significant factor in getting there!”
-D.N., Senior Vice President-Investments
Financial Services Industry

“The Getting an Edge Program helped me achieve clarity about my vision and identify the goals and actions to get there. Through my monthly participation, I gain inspiration which enables me to maintain my momentum. The results are already showing up. I just exceeded by 100% the monthly income goal I set because the foundation for success is now in place!”
-Jan Day Gravel, President and Chief Learning Officer
Janus Development Group

“Erin is authentic and really listens to each participant and creates a space of inclusion for each person. Her programs are life changing!”
-Kelli Twomey

“Erin’s positive energy and authenticity creates a safe space for emotional support on our group calls.”
-Danielle Reese

“Erin has a gentle kick-in-the-ass style. She pulls you through whether you’re resisting or not. She has the ability to hone in on a participant’s “sticking point” and hold it up for them to deepen their learning and support them in implementing new strategies, so they can figure it out.”
-Beverly Delidow
Associate Professor

Next series starts September, 24 2020

During this 12-month course here’s what you’ll receive:

  • 12 monthly live training webinars facilitated by Erin Mecseji, to deepen your learning and support you in implementing new strategies,
  • 4 1-hour private coaching sessions
  • Recording of all monthly calls,
  • The Inner Edge:  The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership book,
  • The Inner Edge Leadership Assessment & debrief,
  • A Welcome Packet of course materials, including helpful handouts, strategic best practices, and additional resources,
  • Inner Edge Insights Quarterly Newsletter to supplement and extend your learning,
  • And, if you’re feeling stuck?  Erin’s only an email away and available for short-burst coaching calls – perfect to get you back on track.

If you’re ready for success without the stress join Getting an Edge today!

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