Getting an Edge

Leadership Development Series

Success without the Stress

As a leader, you want to be and stay your best. You have a big vision for your life, big goals you want to achieve! And you also want to have a life.

That’s not always easy. Leadership is demanding. It can be difficult to sustain your energy and momentum when there are so many items on your to-do list, so many different things to focus on and so many bright shiny objects vying for your attention. The passion and excitement you feel for your vision and goals is sacrificed to the distractions of daily life. There’s a better way.

The Getting an Edge Leadership Development Series is based on the book “The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership“, by Joelle Jay. The program is designed to support high-achieving leaders, truly committed to their personal development, lead and live well.

This 12-month program is for you if:

  • You’re feeling overworked, overtaxed, and overtired,
  • You feel like you’re giving 100% and yet not getting the results you want,
  • You’re crowded by the pressures of life and the demands to go, go, go,
  • Your vision for yourself and your life seem impossible to achieve,
  • You could use consistent accountability and support,
  • You’d like proven strategies to help you be and stay your best.

Series includes:

  • The Getting an Edge live monthly webinar,
  • The Inner Edge:  The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership book,
  • A Leadership Assessment,
  • Handouts for each webinar,
  • Recording of all calls,
  • Inner Edge Insights (Quarterly Newsletter),
  • Unlimited email support,
  • Laser coaching as needed.

It’s time to take control. It’s time to lead your own life.

Next series starts October 2019

If you’d like more information please contact Erin.

“Erin is authentic and really listens to each participant and creates a space of inclusion for each person. Her leadership sessions are life changing!”

-Kelli Twomey

“Erin’s positive energy and authenticity creates a safe space for emotional support on our group calls.”

-Danielle Reese

“Erin has a gentle kick-in-the-ass style. She pulls you through whether you’re resisting or not. She has the ability to hone in on a participant’s “sticking point” and hold it up for them so they can figure it out.”

-Beverly Delidow

Associate Professor