Interview with Joelle Jay, PhD, award winning executive coaching, on personal leadership


I was so excited to sit down with my friend and colleague, Joelle Jay – author of The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership – to talk about how we can create the life (and work) of our dreams using the principles of personal leadership.

Highlights of our conversation include:

  • What exactly personal leadership is, and why it’s particularly relevant during these challenging times,
  • How personal leadership can help you determine your MORE and provides you the roadmap to make it a reality,
  • An opportunity for you to take a deeper dive into personal leadership with me (and a cohort of other dynamic, professional women).

I hope you’ll listen in…


Erin Interviews Joelle Jay, PhD on personal leadership

Additional Personal Leadership Resources:

  • Joelle provides a plethora of resources on the Inner Edge website.  Check them out @ and begin the process of creating the life (and work) of your dreams TODAY.
  • Curious to learn more? I’m hosting a FREE WEBINAR on 9/10 @ 10am (pacific); 1pm (eastern), where I’ll share 3 personal leadership practices that will help you reach your goals and dreams more easily (and quickly!.  It’s called Ditch the Stress: Strategies to transform how you work and live. You can register @

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