Myth of Time Management

The Myth of Time Management

Why You Work so Hard and Still Feel Like You’re Not Getting Anywhere


How well do you manage your time? Are your days spent thoughtfully engaged in productive activities, meetings, and behaviors that will lead you to achieving your goals? At the end of each day do you feel excited about what you’ve accomplished? Energized? Ready to go again the next day?


Does this sound more accurate:
  • You work long hours and still feel you’re not getting much done
  • You sprint from meeting to meeting with barely a breath in between
  • Your calendar is packed from the minute you wake up until you leave the office (and then maybe even after that!)
  • You often think to yourself, “what am I missing”?
  • Your relationships are suffering

And the kicker is, you’ve probably taken an overabundance of time management courses, read books, all with the hope of being more efficient and productive — only to experience the opposite.

You’re not alone!

Traditional time management is typically focused on packing more and more into your schedule, organizing your calendars into neat segments that look great on paper, but that don’t allow for much breathing room or thoughtful productivity.

In the Myth of Time Management teleseminar, we explored the many myths of time management that are actually impeding your progress, efficiency, and peace of mind.

In this class you learn:
  • Myths of Time Management
  • How traditional time management concepts actually prevent you from accomplishing all that you want to accomplish
You’ll also have:
  • A clearer sense of your relationship with time
  • Have a sense of relief that there are other, more effective options.
Note: this class is no longer available for download

P.P.S The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over, expecting different results. Stop the insanity! Once you identify what’s getting in your way of being more productive efficient, you can choose to do differently!

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker