Post pandemic life…back to normal or something new?


Fifteen months ago life as we knew it changed dramatically, and we were forced to pivot to new ways of living and working that no one could have predicted or imagined.  We are not the same people we were. We’ve grown, changed, shifted, and learned.

It turns out things are changing again. Life as we’ve known it these past 15 months is making another shift, and we are in the beginning stages of re-emerging and re-engaging in the world. Some say we’re getting back to “normal.”  But is that what we want? Do we want to go back to the old “normal?”  Dare I say many of us are craving something new. But what does that even look like?

This is the perfect time to reflect on what you want.


  • Being thoughtful and strategic about what you want your life to look like going forward,
  • Creating a life in alignment with your values and ideals,
  • Embracing more affirming and powerful ways of living and working that support you in achieving all that you want to achieve.

While we weren’t afforded the ability in March 2020 to plan for what was coming in the next 15 months, we can, this summer, certainly plan for our re-emergence.

We can be thoughtful, reflective, strategic, and confident about what we want for ourselves and for our life.

One of the best tools I know of to help you in clarifying and living the life of your dreams is personal leadership. So, throughout the summer I’ll be dropping in (via newsletters, videos, and invites to my Facebook Lives) to share personal leadership ideas and techniques to help you clarify – and work towards – a life that supports, sustains and engages you. So be on the lookout!

For today, let me get the ball rolling with a couple of questions.

Do you want to go back to normal? Or, do you want something new?

If you were to create your life exactly how you want it, what would it look like?

What would you see?

Who would you see?

What wouldn’t you see?

How would you feel?

Looking forward to connecting with you over the coming weeks and to helping you create your life (and work) on your terms.


P.S. If the idea of going back to normal is no longer acceptable to you, and you’re craving something new and better, check out Getting an Edge where, along with a community of amazing women, you’ll use the 10 practices of personal leadership to achieve what you want to achieve more easily and gracefully! Doors to the next cohort open soon, but in the meantime, hop on over to and get on the wait list.  See you there! xo

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