Why Technology May be Sabotaging Your Success (and your peace of mind!)

When I talk about technology in my workshops or teleseminars, I’m very careful not to make it the enemy in
our lives. Technology allows us to do so much more than we’ve ever been able to do before – often faster, better,
easier. It allows us so many positive benefits; we can get information at the speed of light, communicate at all hours
of the day and night, and it allows many of us the flexibility to work from home.

Of course these benefits can also become our worst nightmare…

When we let technology take control of our lives rather than us taking control of technology, we can quickly spin out of control, our time can quickly be hijacked, and our relationships suffer.



Technology tends to shift our focus from what we are trying to accomplish, causing us to move from task to task from minute to minute. Don’t believe me? Think about those alerts on your computer, your phone, your tablet, letting you know every time a new email is dropped into your in-box, or a new text or voicemail arrives on your phone. Those alerts shift your focus from the task at hand. And, as it turns out, it doesn’t matter if you actually do anything about the alert or not; just hearing it is enough to shift your focus and interrupt your concentration. When that happens things take longer and you make more mistakes.


It has led us to feel obligated to be available at all times, 24-7, or risk falling behind, being replaced, losing
out on a job, a promotion, or the next big deal. But too much connectivity can actually lead to burnout, anxiety,
resentment, undue stress and poor work/life balance.


Too much technology isn’t good for relationships. Not only is being connected 24/7 not beneficial to the down time you need to recharge and rejuvenate yourself in order to stay at your best. It’s also not beneficial to reconnecting in a meaningful way with friends and family. When you’re always connected, the people in your life feel less important, resentful, and that damages relationships.

Although the intention of technology is to make our lives easier, ironically, it has taken away our ability to manage
our time thoughtfully and strategically. We’ve become unable to disconnect from work, and that doesn’t necessarily lead to greater productivity or efficiency.


Create a rule for yourself around technology. For example, maybe your rule is to not bring your cell phone to the
family dinner table. Maybe you don’t check your email after 5:30 in the evening. It doesn’t matter what rule you
set. What matters is that once you create the rule, you follow it.


**How has technology taken over my life?

**What are the benefits of technology in my life?

**What negative impact does technology have on my life? What changes do I need to make?

Have an amazing week and enjoy your learnings!

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