In this week’s video I’m talking about tolerations – those tasks, people, ideas, actions or behaviors that you’re putting up with, and that are draining you of precious energy and joy. You’ll also learn the steps you can take to eliminate tolerations and enter 2021 with fresh energy and possibility! Have a listen…


Here are some questions to help you reflect and then take action towards eliminating your tolerations:

  1. Where in my life am I struggling, feeling low-grade anger, resentment or anxiety?  What am I tolerating that is making me feel that way?
  2. What is my role in this toleration? What is my role in resolving this issue?
  3. What is my plan to eliminate (or reduce) this particular toleration?
  4. How will my life be different if I no longer entertain this toleration? What impact will it have on me personally? Professionally?

Happy Holidays!

With gratitude,

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