What Coaching Means to Me

What Coaching Means to Me

Coaching is about introspection and exploration. I believe we can all use our curiosity to help us uncover opportunity (all of those Curious George books would have been pretty uneventful had George merely sat around waiting for something good to happen to him). To me, coaching is about identifying what we want out of life, setting our intentions and then following through.

By contacting Encompass, you have taken the initiative to show you are committed to getting all you want out of your life. I’ll guide you in creating a meaningful vision and using your vision to develop real strategies to get you to where you want to be.

For me, coaching isn’t based on a collection of theories I hope work; I’m not in the business of crossing my fingers. Rather, coaching should be about clearly identifying where you want to be and tangibly getting you there.

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“Erin is an expert at helping you identify the heart of an issue and then gently facing you toward it, providing tools and resources for growth and clarity. Spending time with Erin is such a gift!”

Gretchen Kelley Bietz

Chief Development & Marketing Officer

Food Bank of Northern Nevada