Why your calendar is working against you

Time is a funny thing don’t you think? And by funny, I mean hair-greyingly annoying, not funny, haha!

You can do your best to organize and control it and yet still feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

Your calendar may be a masterpiece of organization – color-coded and packed from morning to night with appointments, meetings, and tasks. And, yet, you still feel overwhelmed, and essential tasks remain undone or are falling through the cracks.

And, even with all that controlling and calendaring, you still have little or no time for your family, friends, or yourself, and the last time you saw the gym, you were sweatin’ it out to Olivia Newton-John singing let’s get physical. (I just dated myself big time, didn’t I?)

But here’s the thing. There are several reasons why your calendar may be working against you in achieving all you want

Your calendar doesn’t reflect your priorities.

Like many of us, you use your calendar for all the various and sundry activities you have going on in your life. It reflects meetings, appointments, and logistics – pick Bobby up from soccer; meet the plumber at 10am, drop off dry-cleaning – but neglects dedicated time to focus on the most critical activities that will help you progress on your most important goals.

You pack your calendar with things you must do, but neglect to schedule time to do nothing.

Did you know you can schedule time in your calendar to do nothing? I ask that question tongue in cheek, but there is a bit of seriousness to it. We are so swamped just trying to get everything done that we often forget we need time to recharge. Time to reflect, to rest, to do nothing. But this time doesn’t typically make it onto our calendars and, as a result, it’s the last thing that gets our attention.

It’s high time your calendar worked for you, don’t you think?

And, to that end, I want you to think about everything you’ve got on your calendar this week.

Does it reflect what’s most important to you?

If I took a peek at your calendar today, would I know what your priorities are?

Does your calendar include time for rest, rejuvenation, and reflection?

What small step(s) could you take today to have your calendar begin working for you rather than against you?

You’ve been working your calendar a certain way for a long time now. So, it makes sense then, that it will take time and practice to get it to work for you. Take your time, and be patient with it – and with yourself.

And, keep in touch. Drop me an email to let me know how it’s going for you as you align your calendar in a way that supports you in achieving all you want to achieve.

Enjoy your discoveries!



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