Mindful Choices

Mindful Choices:

Moving Beyond Chaos…

Do you ever wonder why you feel dizzyingly busy but still feel way behind? Why you move from meeting to meeting, task to task, deliverable to deliverable but don’t feel very productive?

Maybe it’s your choices.

You make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions a day – both big and small.

How many of those decisions are made with thought and reflection, with an eye to the future, with the impact and end in mind? Not many.

Imagine a world where you are:
  • Being intentional, deliberate, and strategic in your choices;
  • Creating more space between you and your decisions;
  • Saying YES for the right reasons (not because you “should”);
  • Being proactive vs. reactive;
  • Managing, living, parenting with confidence.
How would your life be different?

If you want minimize the chaos of everyday life, reserve your seat for the Mindful Choices: Moving Beyond Chaos teleseminar:

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During this 2 call webinar series you’ll discover:

  • The importance of mindfulness in an increasingly busy world;
  • Powerful (and simple) mindfulness strategies for everyday;
  • The significant benefits you’ll experience when you slow down;
  • How to bring mindfulness to your work (example: taking a mindful approach to your email);
  • Strategies to reduce stress;
  • How to limit the impact of the chaos and anxiety swirling around you.

Date: Wednesday, August 22 & 29, 2018

Time: 10:00AM (PST) 1:00PM (EST)

(BONUS 3rd call on 9/5 – where you can ask questions of me and each other, share experiences and tools, and if you’re interested, get some coaching from me on incorporating mindfulness into your everyday life.)

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All registrants receive:
  • an mp3 download of the class recording (available only through 9/24);
  • a hefty packet of handouts and resources.

Keep in mind the powerful words of Ann Voskamp; “Busy is a choice, stress is a choice, joy is a choice. Choose well.”

Will you choose YOU or will you choose CHAOS?

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